The disastrous humanitarian situation in Syria at the American Red Cross in Raleigh, NC – October 1, 2013

9 Oct

Ghassan Shahrour Oct1 2013 Red Cross- Humanitarian Orgs human security

 On October 1, 2013,  I made a presentation at the American Red Cross in Raleigh, NC on the disastrous humanitarian situation in Syria. In my presentation I updated the participants on the impacts of the brutal war in Syria on  civilians and innocent people including the impacts of explosive and indiscriminate weapons. I detailed on the human and health aspects and impacts on children and women as well as the urgent need for humanitarian assistance.

Case studies about the role of relief and humanitarian civil society organizations and the Red Crescent were presented, highlighting the role of volunteers.

I also made use of the opportunity to highlight the International disaster reduction day for 2013 on October 13 and its theme “Living with Disability & Disasters”, that highlight the rights and needs of persons with disability.

Ghassan Shahrour

Arab Human Security Network

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