My Comments on the WHO Director-General’s Report to Member States at the 76th World Health Assembly on May23. 2023

24 May

Dear the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, IPPNW

The report below was presented in front of all state representatives of the world covering many issues about global health crises and challenges the world has faced since the establishment of the World Health Organization. The report discussed many achievements and successes in promoting health along with other issues including: health emergency preparedness and response, the COVID-19 pandemic, the insufficient progress to reach the related targets of the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, the benefits of universal health coverage, the vital opportunity to refocus political attention and financial investments on accelerating progress, preventing disease and addressing its root causes, the Alliance on Transformative Action on Climate Change and Health (which supports 65 countries to build climate resilient and climate-friendly health systems), and many others.

Unfortunately, I was expecting the report to include something about the impacts of wars, the effect of conflicts and overspending on arms on people’s health, and the world health plans to achieve health for all anywhere and everywhere. I believe it was an opportunity to highlight the health and social consequences of excessive military spending, and to call for more efforts to promote health through diverting those resources to health programs.

Best regards,Ghassan Shahrour, MD

Link to the WHO Director-General’s Report to Member States at the 76th World Health Assembly – 22 May 2023—22-may-2023


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